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The Uncertain Times and Importance of Health Insurance

Importance of Health Insurance

In the face of the pandemic, people seem to be handling a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. With the alert for the second wave, it almost makes us wonder how life has become so crazy suddenly. But instead of searching for a solution, all we can do it is take one step at a time. We all are doing our best in coping with our anxiety by going along with our busy lives. This is indeed the best choice since getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future is not taking us anywhere better at this situation.

The present moment is more precious, and the choices we make now can have a positive effect in the future. Now that we have a rough idea of the risks we are facing and might face in the future, we should focus on plans that come to our rescue when a similar situation arises.

Why You Need a Health Insurance Plan ASAP?

COVID-19 served as a wake-up call on how health matters the most and how it can affect our families too. Health insurance and life insurance have become a necessity instead of an additional benefit, especially when you have a family depending on your income. Here are some benefits of having health insurance that might convince you to get one for yourself and your family.

  • Less Expensive Treatments
    Health care is not exactly cheap, and unexpected illnesses can cause a lot of anxiety. For example, the average Medicare payment for respiratory illnesses that require ventilator support is $13,297, and for severe ones that require ventilator support for more than 96 hours, the payment is about $40,218. Without a health insurance plan, you will have to pay this amount from your pocket, which can drain your savings.
  • Early Diagnosis and Preventive Care
    Health insurance will start to benefit you immediately since you will pay much less even for regular hospital visits than you pay without insurance. The health insurance plan will require you to see health care providers within your network, but these regular visits can help you find complex illnesses and start the treatment in the early stages. Annual check-ups, immunizations, and other preventive care will be available for free.
  • Health Insurance Is Mandatory
    As per the 2020 state mandate, every Californian should have health insurance and if failed to do so will be assigned a penalty amount of about $750 minimum for an adult. But you can get financial help from the state along with federal financial help, which can reduce the cost of health insurance. To know more, contact your insurance agent and get the details.

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